Outage Analysis Support

outage planning smallRed Wolf Associates provides analyses in support of reducing outage critical path time as well as other cost savings measures. Thermal hydraulic models can be developed to evaluate time to boil or core uncovery following loss of RHR cooling. The model can be used to demonstrate that natural circulation provides adequate cooling of the core over a given time period. Such an analysis may allow the plant to take a train of RHR cooling out of service earlier in the refueling outage, providing schedule flexibility and cost savings.

Thermal hydraulic models of BWR vessels and associated piping may also be developed in conjunction with containment models to support procedure revisions to reduce refueling outage durations. Another example includes modeling of the spent fuel pool and fuel transfer and the effect on pool cooling to assist in outage planning.

Red Wolf Associates personnel also have experience applying GOTHICâ„¢ and other codes for unique applications such as modeling air flows and heat transfer in industrial processes to demonstrate improvements in processes, resulting in cost savings.